Back in the cold, hard Winter of 2008, I overcame the lingering mental scars of childhood school-induced knitting traumas and took up my needles once again, partly in the spirit of ‘Make Do & Mend’ recessionary times, but mostly to stop myself from spending my every waking hour sitting working at a computer or with a laptop balancing on my lap, pretending to relax.

The experiment was successful and by Spring I was a wholly more rounded individual with the added bonus of now having more scarves than one woman could possible wear in a lifetime.

By Winter 2009, I decided I wanted my knitting time to be more productive – to make items that were simple, beautiful and authentic – using natural materials – made by hand to be treasured, as an antidote to the conspicuous spending and disposable culture that had sprung up in the previous decade. With a background in housing design, a love of home-making and refurbishing old furniture – creating beautiful accessories for the home was an obvious choice.

I hand-knit with bamboo needles using mostly 100% wool, along with natural fibres like cotton and bamboo. I’m particularly fond of using Donegal Tweed wool, made here in Ireland using traditional methods.

You can buy my hand-made cushions, blankets and throws on Etsy and keep up to date with the goings-on at Woolly HQ here on the blog. If you like our home accessories and have a one-off project in mind, I’d be happy to customise products and patterns to suit – please contact me for more information.


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